Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspired by...but different

A large part of good design is being inspired by something, whether it is nature, travel or other interiors. No matter what it is it can be a huge part of the creation of a room. For example my inspiration for the living room below was taken from Tobi Fairley's room above. I fell in love with this room when I first saw it on the cover of House Beautiful and Tobi also did a great before and after post about this home on her blog. I know they are different from one another but it shows you how a little bit of inspiration can go along way when putting a room together.


  1. The colors are peaceful and soothing. Liking it..a lot. :) xox ~ Alexandra

  2. such a killer combo! love the look.

  3. that room is gorgeous, and I love your interpretation of it. lovely blog, I look forward to Following :)


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