Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick healthy snack

With very little time lately I am lucky if I can make my lunch let alone a healthy lunch. Some days its what ever I can make whilst holding Ava in one arm and preparing something with the other. When I can I like to make something healthy, especially since I am breastfeeding. My go to at the moment is mountain bread wraps. They are quick, easy and yummy. 

Today I put in..
Smoked Chicken
Seeded Mustard

What is your go to healthy snack?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lovely Linen

While I was pregnant with Ava I was so excited to plan her room for her arrival. It is the one time when you can go out and buy everything you need all at once. While researching linen options I discovered Red Plum Linen. They allow you to custom design your own duvet cover from their gorgeous range of fabrics. Here is what I selected.

 Candy Stripe

Candy Lattice

Here are some more of their other designs. I could have easily bought them all.

Images Via Red Plum Linen

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keeping me busy

I have found it so hard to find the time to blog lately because this little one is keeping me busy. It has been such an adjustment and one that I am still getting used to. It is amazing how much your life changes once you have a child. I dont know what I did with all my spare time before. I am especially missing reading all my favorite blogs. I cant complain too much though because I have this cutie pie to play with instead. Here are some recent pics. She loves to pull different facial expressions for the camera. Such a poser already. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Newborn baby essentials

Since becoming a new mum I have quickly discovered that there are some things that I could not live without. Well maybe I could, but they definitely make things a whole lot easier. Aside from the obvious essentials like nappies and wipes and so on, here is a list of the things that make my day better. 

1. Aden & Anais bamboo swaddles. They are so soft, light weight and cuddly and are great for swaddling your baby to sleep. 

2. Bonds maternity singlets. They are great for easy access while breast feeding, well made and comfortable.

3. Cloth nappies of any kind. I bought this brand but there are plenty to chose from. I go through so many of these on a daily basis. Not as a nappy, but as a burp cloth or anything else it may come in handy for throughout the day. Babies are messy little things so these are great for mopping things up.  

4. I purchased lots of blankets before my little girl arrived. I kind of have a weakness for lovely blankets. But this cellular blanket from The Little Linen Company has been the most practical for Ava to sleep with. Its warm but still breaths. Its also very soft and washes up really nicely. 

5. I got given one of these little bamboo towelling washers as a gift and it was so nice that I quickly jumped online and bought some more. They are soft for bathing baby and are also nice and lightweight which makes cleaning easy. 

6. Now these are kind of a luxury item and you could use a towel or cloth nappy instead, but I really love how soft, small and easy these Babu burp cloths are to carry around. They also look much nicer draped over your shoulder if you want to go out with bubs. 

7. This is also a luxury item but the nappy caddy has also been a lifesaver. I have a double story house so it is annoying to constantly go downstairs if I want to change bubs. I keep some supplies in the nappy caddy and I can move it around the house depending on what I am doing. 

What are your favorites?

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