Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How online shopping websites should be designed

Recently I was looking for a new floor rug for our house and I was so frustrated about my lack of options when browsing online. I actually have the same problem with most products that I search for. Even if I do eventually find something, there are a limited number of online retailers that are willing to ship to Australia. Some how this time I hit the jackpot! Rug Couture seemed to have everything I am looking for in a website. It made me realise how much further websites have to go with their design and usability. So for that reason I thought I would do a website review. Here are some points that I think people should consider when designing websites for online shopping. P.S please note I am not an expert. I am just sharing my opinion.  

1. Make your website clean and easy to read and navigate around. There is nothing worse than not being able to figure out how to find something you want on a website. The most common one I have found is lack shipping information and contact details. Usually I have to look hard for this. I will stop looking at a website if I cant figure out whether they ship to Australia or not. You should also provide the estimated delivery time and cost of delivery. I hate having to go through the whole checkout process before it provides these details. I also like an easy sorting system. I like to be able to have search preferences. E.g. to sort by price, size and so on. If I cant sort things easily I will get frustrated and give up.

2. I hate a website that is badly designed. Even if the product looks ok a horrible looking website will turn me off. Be careful with the use of colour and font. Pick a colour that does not distract from the product and have a font that is easy to read. 

3. Be clever in the way that you market your product. Make it interactive and unique. For example, this website gives you the ability to customize the shape, colour, design and size of floor rug you would like. 

3. Be consistant with the images that you put up. For example, If you decide to crop your products then do it to everything (like below). Or if not, at least make them look appealing and consistant with your website design and feel.  

5. Make sure that you display the product in a way so that people have the flexibility to view it on different angles or close up images. 

6. Make the ordering process easy. There are lots of little things that you can do to make it a whole lot easier for the customer to select what they want. Think about how people are going to want to oder things. This website provides size options that you can customize yourself, however it then it gives you an easy option of picking from popular sizes. It also allows you to pick your measurement preference e.g. cm or feet and inches. 

7. The 'suggestive product' feature is great. It should provide examples of other products that the customer might like based on what they are looking at, or have looked at. For example this website has provided some suggestion of other colours and styles that are similar to the selected product. 

8. Being able to actually visualise the colour of the item that you want its a such good option to have. 
It is much easier to decide if you have a real example in front of you.

9. Allow people to make last minute changes at the checkout. E.g add or remove items.

10. Make the payment process easy. If they have to add lots of details it gets really annoying. Have an       asterisk to help people know what details are required and which ones are optional. An automatic tab can     also help when people are putting in their contact and payment details. Provide tick boxes where   appropriate so that people dont have to put in their details twice if they dont need to.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bebelicious Basket

My husband and I have been talking about where the baby is going to sleep once she arrives. There are so many to options to choose from it is actually quite overwhelming. After doing a little research we decided on this beautiful organic Moses basket from Bebelicious. Their baskets are so adorable and the bedding comes in a range of different designs. We opted for the Dewberry design, but it was hard to pick with do many great options. As a first time mum I think I will be a little worried and paranoid so I really wanted something that is portable. For us the Moses basket was a good option because I can move her around during the day so that I can easily keep an eye on her while she is sleeping.

Friday, December 2, 2011

NEW Pretty Maps

When my husband and I travel we often like to buy maps from the places that we go to. They remind me of all the adventures that we had in that particular place. I thought that it would be good to frame them but have never got around to it. A while ago I blogged about Aaron Straup Cope's pretty maps and I recently found out that he has new editions coming out. His art is like a vibrant colurful newer version of an old ordinary map.To me they would be pretty art even if they were not a map.  I would love to buy a few of his maps that are of places that we have been to and then frame them as a series of 3 or so.

Washington DC

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas stocking wish list...

Yesterday I posted about adding some stockings to my Christmas collection and then I started looking for inspiration. I came across this great store on Etsy that does custom stockings from a large range of fabrics. I have chosen some of my favorites below.

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