Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our stay at the Wynn Las Vegas

As promised I wanted to share our stay at the Wynn Las Vegas. My husband has conferences in Vegas every year so I think it was about the sixth time we stayed at the Wynn. We like this hotel because it is a little more relaxing than some of the other hotels on the strip. It is away from the hustle and bustle and is also very bright and luxurious (unlike some of the other dark and dingy casinos in Vegas). Normally we stay in a standard King room, but this time we were lucky to be upgraded to a Salon suite! It was seriously amazing. With 1,950 square feet of living space we certainly didn't know what to do with ourselves. 

The room is very typical vegas style accommodation. They tend to do things on a grand scale in Vegas. Normally I find the accommodation in some of the other hotels to be a little OTT. Yet the Wynn has managed to put together a suite that is comfortable and luxurious. 

I really loved some of the artwork that was used throughout the space. Very classic and simple.

Foyer that has a massage room on one side and a smaller bathroom on the other.

The living room was massive. We were in Vegas for a week so it was really nice having the extra space with a 5 month old to kick around in. 

 The suite also has a dinning area which came in handy. Rather than eating out every night it meant we could order room service for some of the nights. 

I really wanted to take this lamp home with me.

The room has a massive corner bar as well (not that we used it much, other than for bottled water). But I am sure if you were coming to Vegas to party like most people do then this would be fantastic. 

 I adored this little side table!

Below is a floor plan of the suite to give you a better idea of the entire space.

Thanks Wynn for the upgrade!

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