Thursday, September 30, 2010

Neutral colours

Do you agree with Kelly's design philosophy? What to you think?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspired by Rue...

Once I found out that another new online magazine was being created I couldn't wait for the first issue. Of course you all know which one I'm talking about....The Rue team have done such an amazing job putting the whole thing together and I really admire people who have the courage to follow their dreams and create something that is totally inspiring. There was so much to drool over in the first issue, but I have to admit my favorite home featured was Crystal from Plush plates classic, girly and romantic Chicago apartment. Crystal has cleverly collected pieces over time to create a home that reflects her own sense of style. I was totally inspired by the fresh colour pallets and feminine touch she has used throughout her apartment, so I thought I would try and re-create some looks that reflect her style. 


Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Model Apartment.

Check out this fabulous Manhattan apartment owned by Model Hana Soukupova and her husband! I almost died when I saw it in the October issue of Elle Decor. The space is very masculine with dark furnishings and stainless accessories but there are little feminine touches. I love it how the artwork is quirky and just pops, yet the furniture is stylish and luxurious. It way not be my choice of colours but I love the contrast between the black and white. What a lovely home.

Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Ways to transform your bedroom.

My life has been so hectic lately that I have barely had time to sit down and give my blog some much needed attention.  To be honest I am having blog withdrawals. I keep thinking of things I want to share but I haven't had time to put it all together and write about it. One of which ideas is my bedroom makeover. After traveling and staying in different hotels I arrived home very inspired. I tend to get a little ambitious and want to do something completing different to my home when I come back, but soon realize I have budget restraints.  I have been trying to think of some cheap affordable ways to change my bedroom around without breaking the bank. On my hunt for some great new ideas I came across these inspiring picks. While doing a little searching I put together a list of things to do to transform your bedroom.

1. Use drapes as a feature behind your bed, they add a warm comforting feel. Plus they can be a great way to hide any unwanted eyesores.

2. Create your own artwork. Most of the art in my home I have made myself. I take photos, paint and draw. I love to frame things that interest me. You don't have to be an amazing artist to make something that stands out. For example, I frame old maps, bold fabric prints and draw or paint something simple. Plus if your anything like me and you grow tired of it in a years time you can always change it.

3. Start with neutral decor and add accents later.

4. Add bold throw cushions when you feel like a bit of colour or something different.

5. Make a picture wall with all your favorite photos. Photos always bring back happy memories.

6. Treat yourself with some flowers.

7. Move things around your home. Sometimes I grab all of the accessories from around my house, put them on the table and then put them all back in a different place. Starting fresh helps you see things differently.

8. Change your bedding layout by mixing and matching different sets.

9. Buy a throw rug. If I had unlimited budget I would buy thousands of throw rugs and change them all the time. They change the look and feel of the room and are great to curl up under in winter.

10. Buy a floor rug. Rugs are a really great way to transform a room. They can be a little more on the expensive side, but there are some cheap alternatives that won't break the bank.   

What things do you do to change revive your bedroom ?

Images via Decor pad

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding reception ideas......

I have finally arrived home after our whirlwind wedding and honeymoon overseas. Now I get to plan the reception part of it. I know it all sounds a little backwards, having the wedding already and the reception weeks later, but my "now" husband and I decided to elope to NYC. It's taking me a while to get used to calling him that! Its also taking me a while to adjust to my new surname and being a Mrs rather than a Miss. Its not something that I really thought about before hand, but I have had the same name all my life, it may take some time to adjust. I must admit I do like the change though. Anyway, I completely went off on a tangent! Where was I? Oh yeah that's right, we wanted to have an intimate ceremony somewhere different and exciting. We both love New York and we have been there a few times already so we thought it would be the perfect setting for our wedding day. The ceremony was held in Central park and it was such a magical experience. It was also very hot and full of tourists. But it all added to the excitement of the whole day. Now the fun part begins. The party! We have decided to have an intimate get together at our house with our close family and friends, but I still want it to feel like a wedding. I have started looking for some inspiration and I thought I would share some lovely wedding pics I found. I am also curious to hear if you have any great ideas or interesting wedding experiences?

This picture is actually of a baby shower but I love the idea of having sweet little treats.

The paper cylinder is a great way to make anything look pretty.

love white platters + fruit skewers + glass juice bottles

Everyone loves a cupcake!

Having games is a great way to entertain your guests.

Homemade goodies add a personalized touch.

I have spent hours on Style me Pretty finding inspiration, I could have shown you so much more but I thought I might be getting a little to carried away. I would love to hear your thoughts?
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