Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pretty party

How adorable is this housewarming party featured in Matchbook magazine. It is stylish and sophisticated but it is still comfortable and fun.  When you are entertaining I think it is good to show your decorating and design skills, but still make people feel as though they can enjoy themselves without wrecking your "perfect" table setting. I think this party is a perfect example. They have paired a rustic wooden bench with classic velvet chairs and a comfy throw. Then they have paired funky linen with sophisticated white dinnerware.  Although, I must admit the tall middle vases look good but are a bit much. Sometimes if you add to much height to the middle of the table I feel like it ruins the flow of conversation. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Love this space

Finally, after months and months I have finished work before the baby arrives. Now that the Christmas festivities have settled down I have some time to myself. Which means catching up on my favorite blogs and magazines. Today I am loving this simple clean neutral home designed by Julie Charbonneau featured in the February issue of House & Home.  I love that it is clutter free yet still cozy and warm.

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