Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Wynn Las Vegas.

Sorry guys I have been a little slack lately and havnt written on my blog for a while. But I am so excited to share a few things with you all. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in the Tower suites at the Wynn while we are in Vegas. I have to say it definitely makes a difference to the over all feel of the city when you stay at a luxury hotel rather than a smoky old Vegas style hotel. There seem to be more and more quality hotels popping up everywhere. In my opinion the Wynn is one of the best hotels on the strip and I was over the moon when I first walked into the room. Every aspect of the decor is beautifully put together, from the furniture to the wall coverings, window treatments and all the little details. Steve Wynn and his team have done an amazing job! Again I apologize for the crappy quality pics (I have to stop doing that) and realize that you cant always capture everything the way you would like to. Its just the colours and all the details look much better in person. So you to use your imagination :)

King beds are the standard size in this hotel, so no matter what room you get you still have the luxury of a soft comfy king size bed. I loved this white leather headboard with gold studs. I want to try and re-create it at home!

I thought the reading lights were an interesting little touch.

I love the bold checked floor coverings.

All of the artwork in the room is amazing, it makes the room feel more personalized. There were numerous Picasso prints in the room.

This is how they prepare your room ready for bed :)

Mini bar and night stand.

Personalized Wynn treats.

Lovely plush leather sofa and ottoman. I loved the studded details.

The bathroom is massive! I am definitely enjoying the twin basins, massive bath and space to sit down and put your makeup on. I added a few different shots, so you can get an idea of the colours. The one above is probably more accurate of the true colour, but the ones below show you more details. 

Images via Coco Pearl taken by me.
Please ask before using any of these images.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Au revoir.

I'm so excited that the time has finally come! Winter here is getting colder and I am in dire need of some sunshine. I cant wait to sit around the pool and enjoy some mojito's. While I am away I will try and keep things interesting. I have some little surprises in store.....
Until then have a happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little more from Polyvore.

I must have heaps of energy today because this is post number 2 for the day. I  thought I would quickly share another inspiration board I did on Polyvore.

For Her.

Over the weekend I went and stayed with my sister and my nieces. As always I want to re-decorate and change things around in their rooms. Its so much fun decorating childrens rooms because you can be a little more creative. I suggested that we paint a feature wall in each of their rooms and eagerly we went and bought the paint that day! I was actually surprised about how quick it was to paint the two rooms. It only took a couple of hours. 


These pictures were taken on my iphone so I apologize for the crappy quality. Hopefully next time I go and visit I will take some better quality pictures.

Night time shots don't really do this room justice.



It was fun re decorating the girls rooms but it was also interesting. As you can see the girls both love pink and I didnt want to disappoint them by painting the walls grey. The little one kept saying they were silver, so I kept it with that. Silver it is then. I was worried they would wake up the next morning when it was all finished and hate it. You definitely have to be clever in the way you go about re-decorating a kids room, they really get stuck on certain colours they love and its hard to sway them away. All and all they liked it, so my mission was accomplished.

You cant really see it from the picture above but this is the art I created for the last room. It sewed buttons on for the center of the flowers. 

We also ordered these lamps for their bedsides.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cushion Combo.

 I feel so bad when I neglect my blog but I have been Busy Busy Busy!!! But I thought I would do a quick post before I go catch some zzzzzzz. Country Road is one of my favorite stores for affordable quality homewares, all of the pieces I have bought from there have lasted well and I have enjoyed them for a long time without getting sick of them. (Note: I am a little indecisive and I change my mind a lot). Here are some of my fav cushion combo's from their website.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coral and blue.

I had some fun today playing around on Polyvore and put together this coral and blue room. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Having fresh flowers in my home always makes me feel happy. Everyone likes flowers right!?
 I worked as a florist for several years while I was studying and I still love to play around with them at home. A couple of weeks ago I put this bunch together, I tend to do things that are simple and sweet. I thought I would share some tips and tricks with you about flowers and flower arranging.

 (These are tulips and roses.They still need some time to open up before they look there best)

Tips and Tricks

 -Always buy your flowers when they are mostly closed because they will last longer. I know its tempting to buy them when they are open and looking lovely, but It is definitely worth waiting for them to show their beauty. 

-Flowers like orchids, lilly's and tulips last longer than flowers like roses, daffodils and iris. Generally tropical flowers last longer than cottage flowers.

-Snip the stems of your flowers and put a little sprinkle of sugar in the water and it makes your flowers last longer.

-Changing the water regularly also helps them last longer (dirty water doesn't look that pleasing either)

-Like most most things when designing, flowers look better in 3's. Either in groups of 3 or 3 types of flowers. Less in more when decorating with flowers. You can over do a bouquet if you include to many flowers.

You can find more tips and tricks in the video below
and for some more inspiration you can go here.

Images via: Yahnay (Coco Pearl), Melbourne Flower House and Sweet Violets.

How to Flower Arranging - Tips & Tricks

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rue Magazine

Have any of you heard about Rue Magazine? I was so excited to hear that Crystal from Plush Plate, Anne of The City Sage, Alaina of Live Creating Yourself and Caitlin of Sacramento Street are creating a new online magazine! It is being launched in September 2010. You can check out more information about the magazine in this post by Crystal.  I cant wait!

Monday, July 12, 2010

His and Hers.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I just thought I would do a quick post of some kids rooms I have been collecting. Kids rooms are a great place to be creative and incorporate their own little style, but I also think it is important to design a room that is going to last while they grow up. You can always make little changes, but I'm sure most parents wont want to re paint and buy new furniture every couple of years. Here are some great rooms that I think have elements that will last throughout a kids childhood years.

Images above via Lonny

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