Friday, December 31, 2010

Skillful styling.

What a beautiful styled kitchen!

I wish I thought of this!

Don't you hate it when someone comes up with a great idea and you think to yourself "why didn't I think of that?" Well thats what happened to me today when I discovered Pop by Sheridan. Sheridan have created a new store where you can create your own bed set by playing around with different linens on a touch screen. There are heaps of patterns and colours to choose from and you can change them around as you wish.

 You select the piece of linen on the bed that you want to change e.g Pillowcase, sheets, and so on, then you pick the fabric you want. It also costs it all up for you as you go.

 You can also swivel the bed around to look at it from different angles.

 The great thing is they have all the fabric swatches all there for you to have a look at.

 Here is their complete range of patterns.

The best thing about the whole thing, aside from the fact that you can play around with different designs, is that the sets are actually affordable!  I purchased some European pillow cases for $14.95 each and some standard pillow cases for $9.95 each. To make things even better they were offering 30% off so they were even cheaper. And guess what you can take them home on the day, you don't have to order them in. I purchased mine at Westfield shopping centre in Doncaster, but I think you will be able to order them online soon!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Designer of the day: Delrose Design Group

 Today I am featuring an interior design firm called Delrose Design Group based in New York City. I came across Kerry Delrose's work featured in House Beautiful, he designed a beautiful cottage in East Hampton and I just had to have a look at the rest of his portfolio. Some of his recent work include a boutique hotel in the Hamptons, a NYC townhouse, penthouses in Sydney, Australia and homes in Connecticut and Florida.  Kerry uses stylish key pieces and adds a little flair with bold artwork, wall coverings or fabric. His designs have a classic element to them yet they are also very innovative and edgy. Here is some of my favorite rooms from his portfolio.

 The artwork is amazing it makes this dark living room pop and I love the light above the dining table.

 I always like studded details on furniture I think they add a little sophistication to the piece. I also love the small tables and the rattan chair. Adding natural element like rattan always soften the room.

 To me this is such a masculine bedroom, but I always love a little bit of masculinity in my rooms. Again the artwork is really amazing but I also think this room would be able to stand alone without the art and still look great. I love that he has softened the room with a tan leather bed. Those lamps are also divine. I am really loving sleek, simple and no fuss lamps at the moment.

 Every home should have a window seat, what a perfect place to kick back and relax. Plus I love anything that is orange (or in this case the pillows could actually be tan), either way it always adds warmth to the space. And finally just a little bit of leopard and some great artwork to complete the room.
Light sunny room and comfy sofa......What more could you ask for! Some gorgeous cushions and maybe a fabulous rug, some lamps and grasscloth wallpaper.

 I love the little cowhide tables paired with the blue cushions, artwork and rug. For me the cowhide tables make this room complete.

 I want that desk, I want that desk! Maybe if I say it enough times I will actually make it happen.
Again I love those sleek simple lamps, glasscloth wallpaer, studded details on the bedhead, white bedlinen and the map artwork. Yummy!

I wish this picture was better quality because I actually really like this room, but the quality doesn't do it justice. If you could see it a bit better the wallpaper would look great and how fabulous is that four poster bed. I also love the little patterned detail on the sheets.

 I love the bedhead and the woven decorative pillows. Again Kerry has some statement artwork in the room. I also notices the little mushroom looking wooden sculptures that I thought were interesting.

Finished off with a lovely masculine bathroom.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Black, Gold and Blue

 This home designed by Greg Natale Design was shortlisted in the 2010 Australian Interior Design Awards. What amazed me was his continual use of Black, Gold and Blue. The colours are very bold and are definitely not colours that I would consider using in my home, but they work very well in the styling of these photographs. The colours add points of interest and tie together some of the statement pieces in the room. I also noticed that the a lot of the things that add colour in this home can actually be taken away if you decided to change them over time. I think this home is a perfect example of using bold colours without sacrificing the longevity of the design. For me I want a home that can be lived in for a long period of time by keeping some key pieces that will last and then changing around the inexpensive pieces. This way I don't spend to much money on redecorating but I can still stay inspired.


Party dresses and the perfect New Years Eve cocktail

 (Eva Mendes)

With New Years Eve fast approaching I have started to get a little excited about wrapping up 2010 and celebrating the beginning of a new year.  This year I will be spending New Years Eve with some friends at the beach relaxing and soaking up some sunshine. Seeing as it will be a very casual beach side NYE, I won't be frocking up to much this year, but I couldn't resist picking out some party frocks.

 (Olivia Palermo)

 (Kourtney Kardashian)

One thing I will be doing, however will be trying out this new delicious cocktail.  

 Image 1,2,3 Via Zimbo, Recipe and image via Domestic Ease.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't judge a book by its cover....

While I was looking through Boarders looking for some last minute Christmas gifts I found these books that caught my attention. I was actually meaning to post about these books before Christmas because I thought they would be a great Christmas gift, but I didn't get around to it with all the Christmas rush.  I loved all the covers and thought they would look great on my bookshelf or maybe as a coffee table book. Unfortunately I had never heard of the name of the books let alone the story behind them. I would feel a little less guilty if I bought them for the story rather than purely because I liked the cover!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Masculine Apartment Style

I could spend hours playing around and coming up with design concepts. I put together his room thinking it would be great for as masculine style apartment that I would actually like to live in. What do you think?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kelly Hoppen Podcast.

If any of you love Kelly Hoppen as much as I do you might enjoy this podcast. She shares her unique style and design secrets. You can listen to this FREE podcast here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Designer of the day: Antony Todd

 How amazing is Antony Todd's portfolio! He was originally trained as a costume and set designer and now he creates beautiful spaces. I love all the natural elements that he uses in his designs, his rooms feel collected over time. When ever I travel I always look for inspiration and ways to incorporate that into my home. I feel like Anthony has done that in a lot of his interiors. I keep looking at all the little details and fantastic pieces he has used in each room.

 Images via Antony Todd.
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