Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coco Pearl featured on Desire to inspire.

 I am always so chuffed when someone features Coco Pearl on their blog. After years and many hours spent putting posts together, it is nice finally discover that someone is actually reading my blog (aside from my mum). So as you can imagine I was so pleased to see my blog featured on Desire to inspire's boxing day reading guide. I know the post is a little old now and boxing day and the holidays have already past, but nevertheless there are lots of other great blogs to read on their list. You can check out the post here.


  1. Hi

    I found your blog via Desire to inspire and now I follow it daily. Really enjoy your posts loaded with inspiration.
    Niklas from Sweden

  2. Niklas I'm so glad you found my blog. I love hearing that people enjoy reading it daily.

  3. Yahnay your sister and nieces are lucky to have you to personally arrange her new house! You did a great job. The rooms in their new home are looking very inviting, hope we see some pics at some stage.


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