Saturday, August 28, 2010

St. George: Rome

We are currently at the end of our journey and only have about a week left until we get back home to Australia. At the moment we are in Rome and then we are on to Hong Kong for a few days. While we are in Rome we are staying at St. George. I looked at a lot of hotels in Rome but none of them compared to this little gem. St. George is a five star deluxe hotel situated in the heart of Rome. After all it is our honeymoon so we thought we would splash out a little. The room itself is quite small but the decor is simple and chic. The St. George has unique open spaces with a series of internal and external areas, mixing the old and the new. The minimal-chic design takes shape and is further developed throughout the hotel. The hotel comes with a library, cigar bar, wine bar, swimming pool and spa area and roof top terrace. Being able to unwind and relax in these extra areas is an added bonus and makes up for the lack of space in the room.

There is this splendid terrace with a roof top lounge bar where you can sip a cocktail and admire the breathtaking and enchanting view over the rooftops, domes and terraces of Rome.

Images via Coco pearl

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Swim this way....

Seeing that I am on holidays and its summer here in Italy, bright colours, blue water, cocktails and everything summer is on my mind. Today we went swimming in the ocean off the coast of Sorrento Italy and the salty blue water is just perfect. The bright umbrellas, villas and surroundings caught my attention. Its funny how some things trigger your imagination and can be very inspiring.

(images via David Jimenez)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hint Hint.....

I have mentioned a few times that I have some good news to share with you. Well here are a few hints of what we got up to in New York City..........Can anyone guess?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eventi-New York City

Im going to be a man of few words, or should I say a lady of few words. I have been meaning to post about this hotel for a while now, but I havnt had the time to actually sit down and put it all together. So I have decided to do a brief post instead. I always have these great post plans in mind, yet I never get around to being in the right head space or having the time to write them. I have been dying to share some of my travel adventures, but as most of you know, when your traveling you rarely have time to stop. One thing I will share is some pics of the hotel we stayed at in NYC. Hopefully I will get time to post about shopping, eating and travels in NYC another time. While we were in NYC we checked into Hotel Eventi. Eventi is a brand new Kimpton hotel situated on 30th Street and 6th Avenue. You can never go wrong with a Kimpton hotel. They have a boutique feel without a boutique price tag. We were both certainly happy with this hotel.

Lighting beside the bed. Note: they have similar reading lights as the Wynn (post below). The curtains were covered by a mesh type sheer which made the room more interesting.

Window seat with trendy little reading light.

Again the lighting in this picture is really bad. But hopefully you will get the idea.

Yummy soaps and products below.

Lovely little wooden stool in the shower and towel with Eventi logo.

Entrance to the lifts/elevator in the lobby

Sunset from our hotel room.
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