Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eye Candy..

So Im going to keep the words to a minimum because this post is so long already! But I just wanted some share some of my eye candy that I have wanted to post for a while now. As you can see I love my bedrooms and living areas. They are my weakness...

Love orange pillows, the green wallpaper, the print on the stools at the end of the bed, the lamps and the mirror behind the bedhead. So I suppose thats everything!

Love the orange lamps

I love this bedroom. The masculine colours paired with the white=yummy

Love the art. I was actually thinking of painting one for my home

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

What creative way to make your own bedhead.

Love the bold bedding

Awww drool, I love this kitchen. Especially love the bar stools

This is picture perfect. Love the cushion combo

lovely masculine interior. Love the sofa

love the wallpaper

love the pattern combo

Love the pops of blue

Yummy window space.

love the wall art.

 Love the pattern on the chairs.

A great soft colour pallet.

loving the purple and grey bedlinen

Love the blue chair and all the beautiful details in the back.

Images via Apartment Therapy, Decorpad, Domino, House beautiful, Sarah Richardson and Massucco Warner Miller. Sorry they are in to particular order!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Marcia Cross's glammed set trailer

I know a few people have already blogged about Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives trailer already but I absolutely adored it and wanted to share. It has been decorated beautifully by Brian Sanders, the colours look so soft and inviting. It has a touch of glamour which I love! Yet the brown adds a little masculine element to the room. Yum Yum Yum.

The mirrored dressing table its so glamorous and I have loved the style of the stacked glass ball table lamp for a long time. I have a pair in my bedroom and I think they add a touch of glam.

The blue desk chair + white desk + lamp+ photo board= perfection

Seriously who wouldn't want to just hang out in here all day.

and maybe all night too.....

You can check out the rest of the article here 

Here are some of the sources
Walls and ceiling (“Coco’’ grass cloth): Interior Illusions, 323/656-8448.
Roman shades (chocolate velvet with teal velvet); crystal sconce ($240, Lamp Works); pillows (“Mod Wave Pillows’’, $380, Dransfield & Ross): Grace Home Furnishings, 310/476-7176.
Bedding (chocolate quilted coverlet, white Egyptian cotton sheets): Anna’s Linens, 323/340-8311.
Framed print (“Kategami’’): Soicher-Marin Fine Art, 310/679-5000,
Leopard cotton throw ($215): Rani Arabella, 561/802-9900.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 101 Awards!

Im so delighted to be given my first award in blog land. My Happy 101 award was awarded my lovely fellow blogger Erica from Moth Design. Her blog is fabulous and her personal style is exquisite. If you haven't checked it her blog already its definitely a must see. The award states that you must list 10 things that make you happy and then pass along to 10 other blogs. So here is my list of 10 things that make me happy, note they are in no particular order (I actually could of had a list of 20, so I suppose that is a good thing :)

1. I love love love my time spent blogging. Blogs are such a great way to find great inspiration and also meet fellow bloggers. I actually think im a little addicted...

2. Melbourne, the place where I live..this is a pic from my old apartment, it brings back fun memories

 3. My Mac! I cant imagine my life without my mac I use it for everything

 4. My BF, he has been my best friend for years and I totally adore him. mmmwah!
5. I love all things art. I love buying art, looking at art and painting art.

 6. Travel travel and more travel. I find travel totally rejuvenating and inspiring. Some of my happiest 
moments have been while my BF and I have been on holiday. We have traveled everywhere from Australia to America, Canada, Europe, The UK and Asia. (only I wish I looked this stylish) 
7. Fashion
 "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"
Coco Chanel

8. Awww I love my home. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day putting my feet up and relaxing. Its where I can play and create things that inspire me. Its where I feel most comfortable and most of all its where my family is ME+BF=Happy

9. Interior Design, its like totally quenches my appetite
10. last but not least, my family. They are my closest friends and inspire me everyday to be the best sister, auntie and daughter I can be.
Image above is of my 3 sisters (left and middle) and my niece and then me (far right)

Here is my list of 10 blogs that make me happy
1. Erica, Moth Design
2. Paloma, La Dolce Vita 
3. Jennifer, Made by girl
8. Annabel, Blushing Ambition
9. Tiffany and Carlee, Deliciously organized
10. Shari, Little Blue Deer

Images via (1) Made by girl, my personal collection, David Jimenez, Lonny and unknown.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stormy weather..

This post is a little unrelated to my usual posts but I was flicking through my photos and came across this pic that made me laugh. A few weeks ago we had a massive hail storm and flash flooding here in Melbourne and I must admit it was a little freaky! We had hail pelting down that was the size of golf balls in some areas and we literally had rivers running through the streets of the city. Coincidentally, it just happened to be the day that my sister and I thought we would have some retail therapy, but unfortunately that didnt turn out to be the case. The weather quickly turned from pelting hail (pic above) to one larger river (pic below)! We were stuck in this shop for about an hour until the water went away.

Maybe next time I should be better prepared...
(pic of my nieces playing in the rain)

Pics form my personal collection.

Designer of the day: Kimberly Ayres

Kimberly Ayers lovely dreamy interiors recently caught my eye.  I love the colour pallets she uses in her spaces. I think the info about her on her website sums up her work nicely, so I thought I would quote directly from her website. "Kimberly Ayres is a California-based designer and the owner of Kimberly Ayres Home, a furnishings boutique and showroom in San Francisco. Dubbed one of the Top Ten Young Designers to Watch in 2009 by Domino magazine, Kimberly continues to define her work by her ability to merge classic design with bohemian elegant style. Kimberly creates personal, highly individual, and notably comfortable spaces with her laidback sense of chic". You can check out the rest of her portfolio here.

I love the bedside lamps and they are the perfect shade of blue. Oh and I adore the bedside tables too!

What a dreamy wall colour! It is paired nicely the black lamp shade and the pink flowers. I must say I love pink flowers in any interior.

Loving the yellow and bright colours at the moment.

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