Monday, January 12, 2009

Snap Happy

I have been living in the city for a few years now and throughout that time I have been able to see some amazing views from my apartment, so I thought I would share them!

New begginings!

Having lots of lanterns in the garden create an intimate environment when entertaining or having a quiet night in.

I love the four frames together. I think this would look great behind a sofa or anywhere in the home. Maybe with some more personalized pictures in the frames though.

because I already have some pieces that are going in my guest room. I need to find some more colour inspirations and ideas that bring it all together. So again I am drawn to these colours.

My kitchen is all black like this, with stainless steel bench tops. I usually find black a bit harsh if there is to much of it, but I really think this kitchen looks sophisticated and stylish.

I like it how the room all comes together well, even though they have used colours that I wouldn't typically put together.

The picture above the fireplace reminds me of drawings I did in a life drawing class. I love images that are put together based on how someone feels at the time.

The photograph with the girl in the background of this picture is great. (above)

How great is this large bedhead. It really makes a statement in the room.

The pictures beside the bed are look nice and soften the room. I also like the grand bed with the large bedhead.

I really like the colours used in the bedroom above for my guest bedroom.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


In a few weeks I am moving into my new home and I have so many ideas and inspirations. I thought that I would start to collect a few images. I always find things I like and forget where they were from.

In this image above I love the soft pastels with the harsh black. I think it looks very sophisticated and but homely at the same time. Using different elements in a living area like timber, glass and materials creates contrast to any room, rather than putting a whole heap of the similar pieces.

I love these colours for the guest room. the soft blues are really calming and the latte and cream colours provide warmth to the room.

I love the bold picture in the background of this image. I think it creates a statement in the room.

I love this room! Even though there is so much black and grey in the room, it still looks warm for some reason.

Thom Filicia

I absolutely love Thom's work. I love how he mixes and matches different types of furniture and puts it all together and it looks great.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I like creating patterns in my photographs. Whilst I'm definitely not a photographer, I still love to be snappy happy. I love to take my camera with me to capture those little things that may go un noticed.

I have been playing around with my camera and I love the way the light reflects onto the surface. I love looking at the small details in a picture.

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