Monday, February 28, 2011

What was she thinking!?

 I am normally a massive fan of Olivia Palermo's style, in fact I have featured her several times on my blog as one of my style icons. But what was she thinking when she put together these outfits. They are a little to experimental for me. Or am I wrong? Love them or hate them? 

 Minus the shoes and winter coat this outfit would be much better.

 Whats with the jacket and grandma pants!

 Ok well this one I kind of like, but I am a little unsure....

Way to much going on for me. 
P.S I hate to be overly critical because at least she tries new things (unlike me), but hopefully next time she will get it right.

Images via Zimbo

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  1. I am definitely not a fan of the first outfit! The rest I don't mind. But I do prefer her more classic looks rather than these that have some edge.


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