Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty bedroom

Over the weekend our study got rain damage and we had to take everything out of it, including the wireless internet connection! So that meant no blog time for me. I hate not being able to have my blog time. It was a little weird not being able to check up on all the blogs that I read daily. Finally we got the internet up and running again, but my week has been so hectic that I have barely had any time to log on. When I finally found some grace time this morning all I could think about is this lovely bedroom. I am feeling a little tired and it is definitely a reflection of my mood right now. What a gorgeous room to relax in. Anyway....... I cant stop for long I am off to pick up my mum from the airport.

Images Via Thornton Designs


  1. I love this bedroom. The poufs remind me of Kellie's avail. from Ada and Darcy. Hope your Mum had a safe flight. xo


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