Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The perfect lake house.

I cant believe it is December and the holiday period is quickly approaching! My husband and I bought our first Christmas tree last night. I was so excited I came home and put it up straight away. The only thing we had to decorate it with was fairy lights, but I am hoping to start my decoration shopping soon.....mmmm I will have to start thinking about the colours. Another great thing about Christmas aside from decorating and eating lots of yummy food, is spending the holidays with your family. I thought that this lake house would be the perfect place to spend some much needed relaxation time with family and friends. I love the open living spaces and the natural exposed beams. The interiors are cozy and inviting and the space is large enough for entertaining. What a lovely place to relax...... if only the owners would give it to me on loan for a few weeks.


  1. Yahnay!! My dear, it has much too long. I have been having such a wonderful time going through your most recent posts. You are my style soul sister. That is just a fact. I Love it ALL. And Shari did a magnificent job on your new design! Wow! I might have to hit her up one of these days to finally organize my blog life. I just got back from Aspen and these photos immediately take me back. Absolutely fabulous.

    Hope you are doing wonderful darling! Sorry for the long silence. I finally got married so not only am I BEAMING, I am also free from wedding planning :)

    All my Love,


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