Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Black, Gold and Blue

 This home designed by Greg Natale Design was shortlisted in the 2010 Australian Interior Design Awards. What amazed me was his continual use of Black, Gold and Blue. The colours are very bold and are definitely not colours that I would consider using in my home, but they work very well in the styling of these photographs. The colours add points of interest and tie together some of the statement pieces in the room. I also noticed that the a lot of the things that add colour in this home can actually be taken away if you decided to change them over time. I think this home is a perfect example of using bold colours without sacrificing the longevity of the design. For me I want a home that can be lived in for a long period of time by keeping some key pieces that will last and then changing around the inexpensive pieces. This way I don't spend to much money on redecorating but I can still stay inspired.


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  1. I heart Greg Natale, so bold in his choices!


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