Thursday, December 30, 2010

Designer of the day: Delrose Design Group

 Today I am featuring an interior design firm called Delrose Design Group based in New York City. I came across Kerry Delrose's work featured in House Beautiful, he designed a beautiful cottage in East Hampton and I just had to have a look at the rest of his portfolio. Some of his recent work include a boutique hotel in the Hamptons, a NYC townhouse, penthouses in Sydney, Australia and homes in Connecticut and Florida.  Kerry uses stylish key pieces and adds a little flair with bold artwork, wall coverings or fabric. His designs have a classic element to them yet they are also very innovative and edgy. Here is some of my favorite rooms from his portfolio.

 The artwork is amazing it makes this dark living room pop and I love the light above the dining table.

 I always like studded details on furniture I think they add a little sophistication to the piece. I also love the small tables and the rattan chair. Adding natural element like rattan always soften the room.

 To me this is such a masculine bedroom, but I always love a little bit of masculinity in my rooms. Again the artwork is really amazing but I also think this room would be able to stand alone without the art and still look great. I love that he has softened the room with a tan leather bed. Those lamps are also divine. I am really loving sleek, simple and no fuss lamps at the moment.

 Every home should have a window seat, what a perfect place to kick back and relax. Plus I love anything that is orange (or in this case the pillows could actually be tan), either way it always adds warmth to the space. And finally just a little bit of leopard and some great artwork to complete the room.
Light sunny room and comfy sofa......What more could you ask for! Some gorgeous cushions and maybe a fabulous rug, some lamps and grasscloth wallpaper.

 I love the little cowhide tables paired with the blue cushions, artwork and rug. For me the cowhide tables make this room complete.

 I want that desk, I want that desk! Maybe if I say it enough times I will actually make it happen.
Again I love those sleek simple lamps, glasscloth wallpaer, studded details on the bedhead, white bedlinen and the map artwork. Yummy!

I wish this picture was better quality because I actually really like this room, but the quality doesn't do it justice. If you could see it a bit better the wallpaper would look great and how fabulous is that four poster bed. I also love the little patterned detail on the sheets.

 I love the bedhead and the woven decorative pillows. Again Kerry has some statement artwork in the room. I also notices the little mushroom looking wooden sculptures that I thought were interesting.

Finished off with a lovely masculine bathroom.

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  1. Yeah def. love the bedroom with the willow wall paper...and the bed looks likes its floating in the middle of the room. Very beautiful.


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