Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Having fresh flowers in my home always makes me feel happy. Everyone likes flowers right!?
 I worked as a florist for several years while I was studying and I still love to play around with them at home. A couple of weeks ago I put this bunch together, I tend to do things that are simple and sweet. I thought I would share some tips and tricks with you about flowers and flower arranging.

 (These are tulips and roses.They still need some time to open up before they look there best)

Tips and Tricks

 -Always buy your flowers when they are mostly closed because they will last longer. I know its tempting to buy them when they are open and looking lovely, but It is definitely worth waiting for them to show their beauty. 

-Flowers like orchids, lilly's and tulips last longer than flowers like roses, daffodils and iris. Generally tropical flowers last longer than cottage flowers.

-Snip the stems of your flowers and put a little sprinkle of sugar in the water and it makes your flowers last longer.

-Changing the water regularly also helps them last longer (dirty water doesn't look that pleasing either)

-Like most most things when designing, flowers look better in 3's. Either in groups of 3 or 3 types of flowers. Less in more when decorating with flowers. You can over do a bouquet if you include to many flowers.

You can find more tips and tricks in the video below
and for some more inspiration you can go here.

Images via: Yahnay (Coco Pearl), Melbourne Flower House and Sweet Violets.

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