Friday, July 9, 2010

2 more weeks!

  I cant tell you how excited I am about leaving for the US in a couple of weeks! I have been counting down the days for months now. Warm weather, swimming pools, shopping, eating exploring ahhhh I couldn't ask for more. Going away and escaping Melbourne's cold winter is the best way to have a holiday. I thought I would give you a quick run through of my itinerary and what plans I have in store.

1. First up we are gong to go to Vegas because my BF has conferences there. I try and avoid all the gambling and boozing and instead spend my time lapping up the warm weather by the pool (and maybe a few mojitos), shopping and eating. I think Vegas is great for shopping and I always try and go to the Direct Factory Outlets to pick up some bargains (but I think I will try and save myself for NYC).

2. After that we fly to Chicago for a few days (I have never been there so I will have to keep you posted about what I am going to do there). Crystal from Plush Plate kindly send me a list a things to do there so I'm sure I will tick of most things on her list.

3. Then on to NYC for a few days, I think we will only have time for some quick exploring and shopping before we head on to London.

4. My BF will be working in London so that will mean I have about couple of weeks to explore London on my own. I have been there a few times so if anyone has some suggestions about things to do there I would love to hear your ideas. ( I have done all of the touristy things a few times, so I would love to explore more of the local London scene). I will also try and do some day trips out of London too.  

5. After London we are heading to Italy. I am so excited about Italy because I have never been there before. Im catching up with a friend in Rome and she is going to show us around and then we are heading to the Amalfi Coast. We are gong to hire a car and drive to Sorrento, which is where we have chosen to base ourselves during our stay, from there we are going to visit Capri, Positano and Amalfi. P.S we are a little scared about driving on the other side of the road but hopefully BF will be fine.

6. Finally we are stopping over in Hong Kong for a few days to do some cheap shopping and eat yummy food. It is a great way to break up the 22 hour flight home. This time we have chosen to stay on Hong Kong Island for something different (we usually stay in Kowloon).

I would love to hear about your recent trips and any suggestions of what I should do in any of these places. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh you lucky thing. Have a fantabulous (my new and current word) time. I can not wait to read all about your time over there!

  2. I would say you have become a jet setter for sure. Have a wonderful time, you are hitting all the major fun cities, what an exciting trip!! Enjoy and take lots of picts, Kathysue

  3. oh my! i am beyond envious!

    you are living the life my friend :)

    have fun!!!

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I don't think I have ever been away for more than a week - your trip sounds so fun with all the different destinations!

  5. Can I just say that i'm extremely jealous of your globe-trotting around the world. Those are all places I would love to visit. I'm sure you will have an awesome adventure.


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