Sunday, June 20, 2010

Decorating with flowers.

I was watching the lovely Nate the other day and he was discussing on Oprah about ways to make your life more beautiful. One of his 10 suggestions was to always have fresh flowers in your home, even if you have to pick them from your garden, buy them, or steel them from your neighbor ;). Although I don't actually abide by this 'rule', I couldn't agree more with Nate. Flowers do make your life more beautiful. While I was at University I spent a fair few years working as a florist which added to my lust for freshly cut flowers. Yet despite the fact I could arrange a perfectly made bouquet, I always still adored a simple bunch of flowers. There is something about simplicity that makes an arrangement stand out more than a fussy bouquet. So I thought I would share some images where the flowers make the space stand out more than the space itself.

 Images via Nate Berkus, Lonny, J Crew and Unknown.


  1. I am in complete agreement with you. I would much rather have real than faux anyday. I will sometimes just put a couple of green fern in a cute bud vase just to have some life in my home. Nothing better than flowers in the house, it is a MUST for me.Have a great Sunday,Kathysue

  2. I have to agree - I love fresh flowers - year round - It's a real treat when we have them around. But I have to tell you - I Love my silks too, they are a mix of hydrangeas and ranunculus - My favorite colous, and they look like they were just picked.


  3. Gorgeous flowers + equally gorgeous rooms! xx

  4. I agree!! You've found some lovely images here. Just found your blog and see some of my favorite bloggers have discovered you! I'm glad I found you via Sarah at flourish design + style!
    Your newest follower,
    Stop by sometime and say Hi :)

  5. Gorgeous floral arrangements. It's looking very cute with the room. Great job done.....
    Thanks for sharing this great post with us.....


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