Monday, April 4, 2011

New Sofa + Inspiration

My husband and I have been on the hunt for the perfect light neutral sofa for a while now and despite my original plans to come home with a light fresh cream sofa, we went out an purchased this one. Its quite the opposite from my original plan, instead we opted for this masculine brown leather sofa with loads of character. Don't know how that happened there! I must have been a little Nate Berkus inspired.

 I have loved this chair featured on the Nate Berkus Show set for a while now, there is just something about a beautifully aged leather chair. It has lots of character and is very homely to me.

 Here is it is again in its full glory. 

 So to take my idea little further I went on the hunt for some rooms that I could get some inspiration from. I love the details on the sofa above and the room is very simple and classic. The room is gorgeous but it is a little dark for me so I would have to think of a way to lighten it up.

 This room has a similar feel but it is slightly more rustic. However, it does have some lighter details like which I like. But I think I need a little more glam with a more polished feel.

 This room is definitely getting closer.

But this room is almost spot on! I wish I could see more of it. I love the cushion combo and the little details like the candle, books and the polished stainless steel lamp. The black and white prints in the background add a more modern feel to this room and I love the warmth that this room seems to have. It is very masculine yet chic and I could definitely re-create this look in my own home. I would probably add a few more feminine touches though.

Here is a pic of the rest of the living space. 

What do you think?  
I would love to hear you thoughs and ideas.

Images Via Nate Berkus and David Lawrence


  1. I have a sofa of similar shape to the one you bought ~ I wish I had bought it in brown leather now!! I love aged brown leather; brown and white is also a fave colour combo for me do thumbs up on room ideas x

  2. I love your choice! When we do our extension I am getting one for the family room, love it! Nicolex


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