Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have always been a neutral girl, I just cant stay away from them. I am trying to learn to incorporate more colours into my home but I get so indecisive about what colours to choose. So for now ill enjoy my neutrals :)

Images via  House & Garden and Home Beautiful.


  1. Love that photo ledge behind the sofa! Very lovely images, neutral is always a great choice!

  2. All great spaces with some fantastic character pieces. xo

  3. You and me both sister!! Neutrals bring such a sense of calm and peace to my life. Rooms that are over the top colorful are beautiful to visit but too overwhelming for my world. These photos are Lovely!


  4. I am so with you :) Neutrals keep me calm! xo

  5. Neutrals are always a good base and then you can add layers as you go or change your mind, so I think you have the right idea.Kathysue


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