Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Inspiration......

As we are approaching summer I thought a little outdoor inspiration was necessary. I love the idea of having an outdoor living space in summer, just imagine sitting back and relaxing with this view!

I think adding a rug to an outdoor living space looks great but maybe not that practical, but I still love this space.

I think the foyer to your home is a very important space because it is usually the first space people when they come into your home. This is nice and homely and works well when you don't have much space.

I love children bedrooms that have a little bit of sophistication and that would last until their teenage years. I think this one above works really well with the bold black and white but it is softened with the green walls and pink cushion.

I have to say I love this alternative to bedside tables!

What a nice bright sunny living space.

images via House beautiful

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