Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas time....the weather is Fine!

I cant believe the year is coming to an end! What a year its been.... I have finally finished my uni degree and in the new year I will start a new journey (starting with a new job hopefully!). However, whilst I am a little daunted about whats in store for me now, I have to admit I am also very exited. I love the feeling of starting the new year with a fresh start. Another added bonus is that its summer! I always make a joke with my partner about being a seasonal person. As soon as there is blue sky's and sunshine my mood shifts. So summer for me means HAPPY lazy afternoons relaxing in the sun, a seafood Christmas with family, New Years Eve feast with friends, BBQ's and the beach! Well I hope so anyway.....and I wish everyone a happy Christmas and hope you enjoy your holidays as much as I will :)

Image's via House and Garden.

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