Friday, July 17, 2015


Recently I came across the work of Sophie Paterson and instantly fell in love. I must admit I actually have a little bit of a designer crush. She is based in Surrey, England and her work is sophisticated, but also very comfortable. Sophie is amazing at creating layers in each room that add a feeling of warmth and a sense of luxury. She uses things like wallpaper, and moody paint colours, different textured fabrics like velvet and linen and finishes like marble. Every space feels complete. She also knows how to accessorise a room to make the space feel more personalised. Overall her interiors have a sense of glamour about them. Below is one of her projects in Spain. Can you imagine spending the night in this gorgeous Villa. It is seriously amazing.

You can check out more of her portfolio here.
Also worth following is her Instagram account.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely post, one of my designers sent this to me, so sweet of you. All the best,


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