Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Shower is on the way..

As I said I have a surprise and this post definitely gives it away. My husband and I are expecting our first child in February 2012. We are both really excited and couldn't be happier to welcome our baby girl into the world. I was going to share the surprise last week but unfortunately we had our 20 week scan and it didn't go as planed. We had a scare but things are looking more promising now. We still have to do another ultrasound next week and make sure everything is going ok, but I am sending her lots of love and positive thoughts. 

The funny thing was once I started talking to people about it everyone had their own personal story to share. I think it is such a myth that everyone has a perfectly 'normal' healthy pregnancy with no complications. To be honest I think having a child is truly a blessing and its something that shouldn't be taken for granted. Some couples try for a long time to have a child, while others fall pregnant really easily. Its just the luck of the draw. Other people have complications in their pregnancy and some people travel through it smoothly. You just don't know what know what journey you will have. All I can say is that I am very thankful to be blessed with our baby girl and I pray that she is healthy and happy.

What a great way to celebrate by throwing a baby shower! Here is my inspiration so far.

Images via Style Me Pretty


  1. Such a lovely post!!! Looks delicious cup cakes, a lot of creativity here...I hearts everything about it.thanks for sharing.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, that is absolutely wonderful news. I hope you enjoy this really special time in your lives and I look forward to hearing about your journey over the next few months xxx

  3. Congratulations Yahnay to both you and your hubby. Your inspiration images are gorgeous. I'll be praying that all goes well for you. xx

  4. Great post! Can I ask where your tablecloth is from? I'd love to use something like that for a shower I'm throwing soon! Thanks!

  5. Hi Brittany,

    I am not sure where the table cloth is from. I recently had a baby shower that I used this post as inspiration for, but mine was slightly different. It was similar to this one found here . The one I got is not available on the website anymore so I am not sure if it is still available. Hope that helps though.


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