Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My pics from July/August Elle Decor

Here are my fav's from the July/August issue of Elle Decor. I was really drawn the easy going beachy interiors.  They are all so light and airy. 

Above: How great would this outside bar be in summer. 
I think more homes should be designed to be opened up in the warmer months to create indoor/outdoor living spaces. 

Above: This room is so cozy and lived in. I love all of the pieces that look as though they have been collected over time. I also love stripes so of course this picture jumped out at me.

 Above: There is something about the symmetry in this picture. It really looks complete.

Above: A cozy place to read a book, drink wine, play board games or just hang out with the family. I love spaces that are less formal and can be enjoyed. 


  1. I like your faves! I loved Courtney's Cox's house too...that outdoor couch area looks so amazing...I can picture her and Jennifer Aniston sitting out there with a glass of wine having the greatest time. I wouldn't mind joining them once or twice! :)

  2. Wow! I'd love to be in that outdoor area right about now. Looks so relaxing!

  3. Love that banquette - such a fun way of seating! And the outside bar would be a fantastic space.

    Also, I became a follower of yours ages ago (on blogger friend) but have just realised that somehow my "following" disappeared. So I am very happy to have rediscovered your lovely blog! Ah well, roundabout but I got there.


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