Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going to London..

Ok Ok so I am not going to London UK London but I am going to stay at The London West Hollywood. My husband and I are traveling to the US in August and I have been planning our trip for a while. I get so excited when I know that I am going overseas and cant help but to start planning early. My favorite part of course is booking the accommodation. So far I have booked the Los Angeles part of the trip and I still have Las Vegas and New York City to go. Any suggestions welcome...In fact I would love to chat with anyone who could recommend things to do, places to see or eat at while I am in the US. Keeping me inspired and did I say EXCITED are these pictures of the lovely London West Hollywood.

Images via The London West Hollywood website


  1. Oh La La...very posh indeed! Lucky You!! Have a wonderful trip it up and Lux it up all you can..look forward to hearing all about it when you return x

  2. sometimes hotel room decor can be the best inspiration! What lovely rooms.


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