Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Model Apartment.

Check out this fabulous Manhattan apartment owned by Model Hana Soukupova and her husband! I almost died when I saw it in the October issue of Elle Decor. The space is very masculine with dark furnishings and stainless accessories but there are little feminine touches. I love it how the artwork is quirky and just pops, yet the furniture is stylish and luxurious. It way not be my choice of colours but I love the contrast between the black and white. What a lovely home.


  1. I loved this house too! Did you see the first picture of the couple? I think he is sitting and she is standing and he looks like hes 3 feet shorter than she is! Very funny...

  2. Ha ha I did notice that picture as well! It was an interesting way to do that shot. Love their apartment though. :)


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