Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Designer of the day: David Lawrence

As I was looking through David Lawrence's portfolio all I could think of is yummy, delicious and delightful. Maybe I was hungry at the time. Davids interiors are very sophisticated and livable. Some of the interiors that I post about I love to look at, but wouldnt actually live with. Sometimes they are to daring, bright, girly or eclectic for me. But I do still love them and appreciate them for what they are. But David's interiors are all very practical and livable. I could see myself living in any of these :)


  1. Just beautiful Y!

    I love the desk as a bedside / nightstand idea. But I have 2 beautiful nightstands and wont give one up for a desk in my current bedroom :)

    I love the elegance of these looks and the fact that they arent too girlie.


  2. LOVE. You're so right, they are very liveable + achievable spaces. The first bedroom is gorgeous, I had originally thought of doing a desk as a night stand and you just reminded me :) Thanks + thanks for the gorgeous inspiration. xx

  3. Oh my! This is just too much. Love Love Love that first photo. It's all so fresh!

    Hope you had a Lovely day!

  4. I'm in love with the pillow in the first picture. That is all.


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