Friday, February 10, 2012

Cleaning up the clutter

I have 2 weeks to go before the baby is due to arrive and as expected I am a little anxious and excited about meeting my baby girl. To help kill time and take my mind off things I have been doing some serious nesting. It is time to get rid of the clutter and simplify things. I have cleaned out several cupboards and started throwing things away that we dont need, but I am having a hard time cleaning up the things around me that I really love. I have always had my favorite books and accessories out on the coffee table and around my home. Now I am not sure what I need to clean up and what I can leave around. After all safety comes first when you have a little one. In the back of my mind I keep thinking I have at least 6 months before the baby can start reaching things....but as a first time mum I actually have no idea! I need help. Anyone know how to tackle kids/design?

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  1. Hello Lovely, I really wouldnt fret too much...I found when I had my first boy I started to put things away or move them up higher as he showed signs of being able to reach for them..and you only really need to worry about that when they are at crawling/ walking you have time.

    Enjoy your home as you have it now.....and as time goes on you will find that you naturally start culling things away...or that space gets taken over by baby wipes, tissues
    What I did when my little Jacq showing signs of crawling ( at 6 mnths)..was I walked around every room on my hands and knees and anything dangerous that I found was within my reach at that level..I moved or completely put away. With cable cords and power switches are what you need to be mindful of it is best to buy those child safety plugs.

    You will be fine..a mothers natural protective instinct is very strong and you will even think of things that other people wouldnt.

    My second baby is due next I look forward to reading your posts and relating to your amazing journey ahead with you.

    Enjoy the last two weeks...make sure you just rest and relax now and take things easy.

    Sending lots of positive light your way.
    Anna x


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