Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making me happy today..

 My new Missoni hand towels arrived beautifully wrapped this morning.

 Even Olivia (my cat) wanted to get her hands on them.

 They look perfect in my kitchen.

 A nice morning coffee...

 Missoni hand towel number 2...

Some fresh morning fruit...

Images Via Coco Pearl


  1. Super nice AND they look absorbent!! Cute dishtowels that actually function? I didn't think they existed!

  2. ..beautiful pictures ...awww ..that cat is so cute ..

  3. yum! and i mean the towels, not the fruit ;P
    i have a black and white missoni in my bathroom and seriously considering colour ones for the kitchen for when i move, depending on the kitchen style of course!

    very stylish and lovely as usual x

  4. I'm a fan of a Missoni handtowel too - love little touches of luxury living! Lovely blog too! Briar

  5. Our kitchens have matching hand towels! I love anything and everything Missoni - heaven!



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