Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making a few changes around the house.

My husband and I got this buffet as a wedding gift from his dad and I have been slowly getting around to decorating it. I posted an original picture here of what it looked like when we first got it and now I have dressed it up a little. The Hurricane lamp needs a candle in it but I cant seem to find the right size, but once I do it will look a lot better. I also added the white tray, the two white ceramic vases and some bronze coasters. At a later stage I wouldn't mind getting a new lamp but for now it will stay.

Images via Coco Pearl


  1. I really love this arrangement, the white accessories against the rich wood of the buffet really pops...the industrial photo (wrecking ball?) - very cool!

    Really enjoying your blog as you can tell!

  2. Thanks Nancy! Yes it is a wrecking ball. I love the industrial feel of the photo and the orange copper colour against the blue.

  3. What a beautiful buffett. The dark color is so rich and perfect with your accessories.


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