Wednesday, January 26, 2011


  If your like me you may not be able to afford the lovely Missoni throw below ($480) or the Gorgeous Cushion ($220), but you can afford their adorable hand towel. I just found them online for $34! I have ordered a Giacomo Hand Towel in Pink Tones 40x70cm and a Lara Hand Towel 40 x 60 cm in Red Tones. I cant wait for them to arrive!


  1. omg you're so funny. I have Lacoste hand towels that my husband messed up with bleach! Ugh!
    Also, try TJMaxx for designer towels and bedding for super cheap! I got fabulous DKNY throw pillows there for cheapcheapcheap!

  2. That is such a shame! I think I will have to be extra careful with these when they arrive. I just love the pattern. They are so bright and happy.


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