Monday, January 24, 2011

My guest bedroom..

Last night I was playing around with my new Nikon DSLR D7000 and I couldn't wait to get up today and take some more pics.  The only problem was what I was going to take them of. I have mentioned before how I am really indecisive when it comes to my own home, so as you can imagine I always have half completed projects going on. My house is a constant work in progress and I think it will always be that way. So I have been meaning to finish  my guest bedroom for a while now but the changes are slow. I recently painted the horrible stripes of the walls (you can see pics here) and painted the room white. I wanted a blank canvas to work with, but feel in love with the crisp white. So for now it will stay that way.  Here are some pictures of what it looks like at the moment.

Images via Coco Pearl


  1. WOW That looks amazing! I love the pattern on the pillows- I can't belive that is available in Australia, thanks for posting- I will be off to Myer Syd to check it out!

    I just found your blog- Love it!


  2. Hi Lovely!
    This is amazing. And how fab is your camera! (So fab that I just went and bought the pillowcases! I love them!!!) So thanks - your blogs are all amazing. Ugh, need 27 hours in the day though, don't we! xLouise

  3. I need one of those cameras! Your pics look like something from a magazine! I too love the pillowcases from Sheridan.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm loving yours!Naomi x

  4. Thanks guys I was hoping the camera would make a difference. It was I bit of an investment but I used to get so annoyed with my old camera.


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