Friday, January 21, 2011

Keeping me inspired....

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly collecting a few new things and bringing out some old things that I love. Nothing like a bit of a re-fresh to keep me inspired. I bought these European Pillow cases a few weeks ago from POP by Sheridan and mentioned them in a post here. I loved the print so much that I purchased a gray and an orange set.

 I love these little bowls I got from my grandma. They make me happy when ever I use them.

 Another family heirloom. LOVE the yellow with the gold trim.

 Nothing like a set of new bronze coasters to add a bit of glam.

A recent painting I did that was inspired by this one on Made By Girl.


  1. *sigh* Can you send all these my way ;)
    We do have very similar taste don't we. Still waiting for the Pop Sheridan, Grandma has impeccable style with thise Ramikens, brinze coasters LOVE and what a great painting, well done! xx

  2. Pillow cases are great, your grandmother's dishes are amazing and there is nothing better than dining with tradition and the painting is fabulous!


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