Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Her.

Over the weekend I went and stayed with my sister and my nieces. As always I want to re-decorate and change things around in their rooms. Its so much fun decorating childrens rooms because you can be a little more creative. I suggested that we paint a feature wall in each of their rooms and eagerly we went and bought the paint that day! I was actually surprised about how quick it was to paint the two rooms. It only took a couple of hours. 


These pictures were taken on my iphone so I apologize for the crappy quality. Hopefully next time I go and visit I will take some better quality pictures.

Night time shots don't really do this room justice.



It was fun re decorating the girls rooms but it was also interesting. As you can see the girls both love pink and I didnt want to disappoint them by painting the walls grey. The little one kept saying they were silver, so I kept it with that. Silver it is then. I was worried they would wake up the next morning when it was all finished and hate it. You definitely have to be clever in the way you go about re-decorating a kids room, they really get stuck on certain colours they love and its hard to sway them away. All and all they liked it, so my mission was accomplished.

You cant really see it from the picture above but this is the art I created for the last room. It sewed buttons on for the center of the flowers. 

We also ordered these lamps for their bedsides.

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