Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little Q & A..

I was recently tagged by Hazel from the lovely blog Hazel loves Design to participate in 'the Little Q & A Game'. I thought it would be fun to give it a go. So here are my answers.

 1. What's your hidden talent? 

Mmmm this was a hard one! I dont really have a hidden talent. But I suppose if i had to pick one it would be blogging. I'm not sure I'm so talented at it, but its something that I do that most people dont know about me  (Apart from all of my blogger friends of course) 

2. What would your last meal be?
 Omg! I'm such a food lover it would be so hard to pick. It would probably depend on my mood on the day. However, if i had to pick one it would probably be something wholesome like a burger and chips. I don't think something like sushimi would cut it for my last meal.

3. Favorite Teacher?

I had one teacher in High School that I loved. He really knew how to connect with all of the students so they listened. But I cant remember his name..dont you hate that! Other than him or would have to say my Mummy!!! I think I have learned the most about life from her.

 4. Least favorite chore to do?
This one is easy. My least favorite chore is cleaning the toilet! However, I if it was in a stylish room like this one I may not mind so much.

5. Cupcakes or Macaroons?


6. One summer movie that you have to watch?

I was really looking forward to watching Sex in The City 2, But unfortunately I was left a little disappointed :( so now my second fav is Eclipse and Eat Pray Love.

7. What are you currently reading?

 I hate to admit it but I am a big fan of MTV's The City. Hence why I chose to read this book. I Must admit I'm only a few chapters in but Im enjoying it so far.

8. Who is your doppelganger?

(me above)
This was also a hard one but people have said I look like Kate Middleton. What do you think?
(Kate Middleton below) 

Now your it!

Questions for you lovelies!

1. If you could go on an all expenses paid vacation where would it be?
2. What perfume are you wearing?
3. Who is your favorite designer?
4. What is your favorite room in your house?
 5.What is your weakness?
6. What is your favorite accessory?
7. Favorite thing to do on the weekend?
8.  The country or the beach?


  1. I loved all of your answers! It has been so much fun getting to know everyone via this Q&A!! Completely agree with your doppelganger!!

    Hope your having a lovely start to your week :) Hazel xox

  2. You DO look like Kate Middleton, totally! And she's so pretty, too! Great post, I feel the same way about blogging, I love doing it but none of my in real life friends even know or understand it, only my blog friends! It's funny! Thank you for the tag, I will add you to my Honorable Mentions sidebar. And also I got your email, I will definitely send you a lovely bedroom, great idea, Yahnay! XO!

  3. Great answers Yahnay. It was lovely to get to know you better! xx

  4. Loved to read your answers Yahnay! These are such fun. I'll pull together some answers too (thanks for including me with such fun questions) xo e

  5. Fun! Thanks! and you totally look like her :) xx

  6. love it! great answers and yes, blog friends and friend friends just aren't the same :)

    i'll be hunting for a picture to send over!!!

    thanks for the mention XOXO


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