Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Chic ways to create art on a budget!

I am always on the hunt for some great ways to create budget friendly art for my home, so I though I would share some of my ideas with you. 


1. Collect frames from homeware stores, garage sales, second hand stores etc and mix and match them to create a wall of art. You could paint them all the same colour like I did in picture above or you could mix them up to create a look like below. I collect bits of fabric with prints that I like, photos from trips I have been on, paint something or you can even frame old newspaper cuttings for a bit of character. You can pretty much put anything in them that makes you feel good when you look at them.

Image via MA Belle.


2. I love to take pictures of architecture or anything that grab my attention when I'm on holiday. That way you can bring home a little memory of something you loved!


 3. Framing fabric is a cheap way to add colour and texture to a room. This way you can keep the frame and easily change the fabric around when you get sick of it or what to re-do the room.


4. Collecting posters, wrapping paper or wall paper are a affordable way to frame something different. This is a map I purchased in a gift shop and the frame is from Ikea.


5. I got this Monet print for about 10-15 pounds from The National Gallery in London and I just loved it, so I brought it home and framed it. Not only does it look good but it also reminds me of visiting London. There are also lots of markets and street stalls that you can get some great photos from, I always try and grab some art from every trip I go on.


6. One man's trash is another man's treasure! Buying second hand art is a cost effective way to add character to your home. I think this painting was about $20 from a second hand store!


7.  framing canvases with fabric is a easy affordable way to bring some colour and fun into your home. Ikea have a great range of fabrics that are really good value, or you could spend a little extra and go to a fabric showroom and choose something extra special.


8.  Or you could always try and paint something yourself! Just remember art is fun and it doesn't matter if your not the most artistic person. You can always create something that adds a touch of your personality into your home. You can buy a canvas from any art store and play around. I painted this picture of cherry blossoms above for my bedroom in my old apartment, it wasn't perfect but it added a pop of colour to the room. You can also go to local art galleries that feature new and local artist. It is often a way to pick up some great art without the great price tag.

9. There are heaps of websites where you can purchase stickers for you wall. They look great in children s bedrooms, but you can also get some great ones for other areas in your home.
(Image above via kids haus)

10. Finding pieces from scrap yards or second hand stores are a great way to add a interesting unique look to your home eg. old doors above. Just use your imagination and you could find yourself a great conversational piece

Image above via desire to Inspire.

If you have any great ideas I would love to hear them xx

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